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Practice Areas

    The Corporate Group at Xu, Shang, Chen & Partners is involved in business transactions of every kind. As general counsel and as special counsel for specific transactions, our attorneys represent a wide range of closely held and publicly held business. the Corporate Group provides advice and services for all legal aspects of business operations, including organization, capital formation, merger and consolidation, sale and acquisition of stock and assets, reorganization, recapitalization, liquidation and dissolution. Our attorneys assist clients with structuring, negotiating and drafting corporate finance transaction.

    The Banking Group represents banks and other fnancial institutions and business in connection with secured and unsecured commercial loan transactions and real estate, and in achieving compliance with govermental regualtions. Attorneys in this group are skilled in drafting loan documents in a wide variety of transactions, ranging from those involving routine instruments to those concerning more complex situations.

Employment and Labor Law
    We advise employers on compliance with applicable employment laws and regulations. Our counseling role includes providing periodically advising our clients on recent and important developments in the law, providing employment law compliance audits on request and advising on specific employment issues as they arise. Our aim is to help our clients avoid, or successfully resolve, disputes which may result in costly and unproductive litigation.

Real Estate
    Our Real Estate Group provides services to developers, lenders, purchasers, foreign and domestic investors for the acquisition, transfer, development, construction, leasing and financing of real property. In conjunction with handling these matters, the Real Estate Group resolves contract, title, zoning, environmental and land use issues.

Insurance and Maritime
    Attorneys in Insurance Group provide counsel in virtually all aspects of insurance law for insurance corporate clients as well as individual lclients . Matters handeld range from the most sophiisticated development of programs -drafting insurance contracts, to the conventional- tort litigation.
    Attorneys handles a wide range of maritime legal services. We are called upon by underwriters, owners, charterers, financial institutions and other maritime interests to assist in matters relating to cargo claims, contracts of carriage, chater parties, freight, demurrage and maritime casuality,maritime liens.

Intellectual Property
    The development and protection of marketable ideas, processes, patents, trade secrets, trademarks, copyrights and other forms of intellectual property is essential for maintaining a competitive edge into the next century. Now, more than ever, success depends upon innovation and name recognition, meaning that our clients must develop procedures and contracts to guard their intellectual property from theft, infringement and dilution. The Intellectual Property Practice Group specializes in helping our clients protect and market these increasingly important assets.
    Our attorneys provide advice and representation in the acquisition, licensing and sale of intellectual property and computer technology, obtain national trademark, patent and copyright registrations, implement procedures and nondisclosure agreements to protect and prosecute and defend against claims of infringement, unfair competition and theft of intellectual property.

    Xu Shang Chen utilizes an interdisciplinary team of lawyers who concentrate in corporate, litigation, tax, intellectual property and tax law to provide services for international engagements. Our attorneys represent both domestic clients engaging in international transactions and foreign clients who conduct business, either directly or through domestic subsidiaries, in the People
กฏs Republic of China.
    The services of the group include: international trade, foreign investment, international joint ventures, international licensing and franchising, international taxation, custome, inspection, international arbitration.

    Our trial lawyers advocate our clients
กฏ rights at both the trial and appellate levels in different courts throughout the Peopleกฏs Republic of China. We also represent our clients in alternative methods for resolution of disputes outside of court, through negotiation and such procedures as arbitration and mediation.